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This special feature will also be rolled out for iOS users of WhatsApp, learn how it works

WhatsApp brought out the best feature for its Android users some time ago, which was named Mute Video Feature. At the same time, the company is also bringing this special feature for its iOS users. The feature will be available to iPhone users seven months after Android. Work is now underway and soon this feature will be rolled out. Tell us what it is and how it works.

Send video address
According to WhatsApp Tracker Wabetanifo, Mute Video Feature is available on Android version At the same time, this feature is available in WhatsApp beta for iOS with good design. You can find out if this feature is currently working on your account by sending a video to any of your contacts.

Can be used this way
To use the WhatsApp Mute Video feature, first go to the user chat where you want to send the mute video.
Now go to the gallery by clicking on the icon here and select that video.
Once this is done, as soon as you click the video, you will see the speaker icon on the top left, tap on it.
Now as soon as you tap, the sound of the video stops.
However, other options are similar to the former. In the video, you’ll be able to edit emoji, text and more as before.

Multi-device support feature
WhatsApp is also introducing the Multi-Device Support feature to non-beta users, which is only available to beta users so far. With this special feature, users can run their WhatsApp account simultaneously on more than one device such as laptop and computer.

The app needs to be updated
According to WhatsApp Tracker WABetaInfo, version of the App has been rolled out for Android and iOS users. You can use the WhatsApp Multi-Device Support feature by updating the app to the newest version. According to the report, WhatsApp may mandate multi-device version updates for future updates.

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