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This special feature in the Apple iPhone 13 series makes it possible to make calls and messages, even if there is no network

There is very little time left to release Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 series. The series will begin on September 14. The company is bringing many new features in its smartphones, the most notable of which is the Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite communication mode. Under this special technology, users can call and message even when there is no network. Tell us more about it.

Calls can be made without network
Coming to the Apple iPhone 13 series of smartphones, this special technology allows users to send messages and make phone calls regardless of whether the 4G / 5G towers are on the smartphone. If you understand in easy language, users will be able to call or message someone without a network. This facility is very useful in case of an emergency. Apple launched its LEO Satellite X iPhone in 2019, but for the first time, the company is offering this special feature on any of its smartphones.

You can get these features
These iPhones work on iOS 15, A15 Bionic. Of these, in addition to the Liquid Crystal Polymer Circuit Board for image processing, the Night Mode camera can be provided. These are expected to get a new Qualcomm X60 model and WiFi 6E support. The display can be offered on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 120Hz refresh rate. It is possible to get up to 512GB of internal storage. The iPhone 13 series can get support for the mmWave 5G. Many countries are starting to get MMWave 5G coverage from this year, so users can enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity via the iPhone 13. For information, let us tell you that the MM Wave network has faster Internet speeds than other 5G networks. But its price is high.

This is the price of smartphones
Talking about the iPhone 13 price, Apple releases it at a lower price. According to reports, the price of the upcoming series will be lower than the iPhone 12. The 4GB RAM variants of the iPhone 13 range up to $ 973, which is around Rs 71,512, which is less than the Rs 3,000 price tag of the iPhone 12. In addition, you can buy the 128GB model iPhone 13 for $ 1051, for about Rs 77,254. Similarly, the price of the 256GB variant could be $ 1174 which is Rs 86,285.

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