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This software company will employ over 55 thousand people

Infosys: IT companies are working to strengthen the country’s economy during the Kovid-19 era. Head of country Software company (Software Company)According to Infosys, in the current financial year, more than 55 thousand new people will be hired.

The company’s priority is to increase and improve the talent pool
Infosys is the main financing According to Officer (CFO) Nilanjan Roy, the company’s priority will be to increase the talent and invest in it. Global Recruitment Program(Global Recruitment Program) Under this, the company will make more than 55,000 appointments in the financial year 2021-2022. Infosys net profit for the financial year 2020-21 (Net profit)5,197 crore to Rs 5,809 crore.

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The number of female employees is increasing
Giving information, Infosys said it will be the company’s total workforce until December 2020 (Employees)The number is 2,49,312. It rose to 2,92,067 in December 2021. Women make up 39.6% of the company’s total workforce. Accordingly, according to TCS, the total number of employees in the company is 5,56,986. The number of female employees is more than two lakh. At the same time, Wipro’s total workforce grew to 2,31,671. This includes more than 41,000 employees employed during the quarter. TCS has declared a dividend of Rs 7 per share for its shareholders and Rs 1 per share for Wipro.

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