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This powerful power bank with 27000mAh battery gives the competition to Xiaomi, which is the same price

Ambrane Power Bank: Smartphones are now used more than ever before, so power banks with heavy batteries are becoming more and more popular in the market. Due to the compact size and heavy duty, people are also interested in buying them. Umbrane, the country’s largest mobile accessories brand, recently launched its new 27000mAh battery power bank. Tell us its details.

As well as the price
This power bank of Umbra is brought under the Stylo series. The company has done this series in India and given Type C input in it. This Power Bank price is Rs. 20W fast charging implemented. Quick Charge 3.0 is implemented with high power delivery (fast charging). There is a 180 day warranty available at this Power Bank. It has 2 USB ports and Type-C port. It can charge up to three devices at once.

27000mAh battery
What’s special is the 27000mAh battery, so you can take it on the plane as well. This power bank is certified by the Indian Standards Bureau. This power bank comes with 12 layers of protection. So you can use it easily. Its design is so good it can be easily used.

It competes
With a 27000mAh battery from Ambrane, this power bank competes directly with the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank with a 30000mAh battery and supports an 18W fast charge. Its price is Rs 2,499. It has 16 layers of protection. It has 2 USB ports and 1 Type-C port.

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