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This new feature of Instagram is great, you should be able to decide how to re-attach the post

Instagram Profile Grid: Instagram continues to bring new features to its users from time to time. The company’s effort is to make this platform easy for everyone to use. This is the reason why Instagram popularity is constantly increasing. In the process of reinventing itself, the company is now preparing to bring another new feature. This feature will be very special because its users will be able to edit their profile grid under this feature. Let us explain to you what this feature of the company is and what you will benefit from it.

What is this full feature

According to the report, Meta-owned Instagram has been working on a profile grid edit feature for the past few days. Its testing is now underway. Once the test is complete, it will be released to all users. You can edit your profile grid under this feature. That is, you should be able to re-assemble your post. This means you will be able to determine what sequence of posts you have. With the introduction of this feature, you have the advantage of being able to make your favorite post sequence at the top or on your own. With that, you don’t have to scroll down long enough to find these favorite posts as they currently are.

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How to get started with it

According to the report, users have to go to the profile section in the settings to enable this feature. In the profile section, they see the Edit Grid option under Personal Information Settings. By going here, users will be able to determine the sequence of the grid to their advantage.

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