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This is the story of Prem Prakash Meena, who left the job abroad

Success story Of Prem Prakash Meena: If there is a passion for serving the country, where does luck bring the person from? Today we are talking about a similar IAS officer who returned to India after serving in more than ten countries to serve the country and prepare for UPSC as an IAS officer.(IAS officer)Became.

IAS Prem Prakash Meena is a resident of Alwar district of Rajasthan (Prem Prakash Meena)Degree in Chemical Engineering from Jaipur. He has done M-Tech at IIT Mumbai. He worked for over a decade in international oil and gas companies in various countries. He then returned to India in 2015 and began preparing for becoming an IAS officer. He appeared at UPSC on his first attempt.(UPSC) Examination of (Test)Success at

In the first attempt, the Income Tax Officer was appointed according to the rank obtained. But with a second attempt to do something else, he was ranked 102nd. After that he was awarded the Uttar Pradesh cadre. He completed his training as a probationer at Basti Tehsil. He was later appointed joint magistrate in Hathras district. (Joint Magistrate)It was there that he became everyone’s favorite for his honesty, integrity at work and immediate problem solving. Currently, he is employed in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh.

Justice is the beginning of your door
Prem Prakash Meena Prem Prakash Meena, The Justice Opke Gate campaign has been launched to address the issues. Under it, they go to the venue and settle the matter after inspection. Because of this, they are like the Messiah in the eyes of the people. She is also very active in social media. Sharing different information with young people. She also produces and shares some videos for young people preparing for UPSC. In it, he discusses many important issues that can be asked in the civil services exam. Meena says young people need to know how to manage time to get something.

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