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This is the method of messaging on WhatsApp without touching the phone

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Android smartphone users can send and read messages with Google Assistant via SMS, messaging app or smartwatch to communicate quickly without having to type in your contacts. This feature can be really helpful when you are driving, working out, or any other activity. You can access these features even when your smartphone is connected to headphones. If you want to learn how to send a WhatsApp message using Google Assistant, you can follow these steps.

Use it this way

  • On your Android phone or tablet, hold down the Home button or say “Ok Google”.
  • Now say “Send a WhatsApp message to (contact name saved on your smartphone)”.
  • Now Google Assistant asks you for a message. You can tell the message you want to send. If you’ve been silent for a long time in your messages, Google Helper stops listening.

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  • The voice assistant will now repeat your message, say ‘yes’ if it’s right. Once sent, Google Assistant will replay your message.
  • Here’s how you can listen to your messages on an Android smartphone using Google Assistant. Please note that in order to use this feature, you must give Google Apps access to your notifications.

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How to set up Google Assistant

  • Unlock your phone and say OK Google and try it.
  • If Google Assistant is not open when you say this, you will need to setup first.
  • To set up, first open the phone’s settings and find the helper.
  • Now go to the Launch Google Assistant option and select the method of your choice to open it.
  • On most phones, it can be opened by long pressing the home button.
  • That is, if you press the phone’s home button for a while, then Google Assistant opens.

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