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This great feature is on Twitter, have you seen it

Twitter New Features: Twitter is a worldwide blogging platform. Its users are in the millions, and this number is constantly increasing. Focusing on increasing users, Twitter is also updating itself from time to time and adding new features. Recently, the company released the Tweet Take key feature for the iOS beta version. It will be officially launched soon. After this, it is said to launch for Android too. Tell us what’s in this feature and how it works.

This option is available in the new feature

This feature is the same as Ticktock. Under this, users get the ‘Quote Tweet with Reaction’ facility. So far users have had to click on a quote tweet to reply to a tweet with their quote, but now users can reply to the quote with their photo or video. Can tweet.

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Currently not on android

Twitter is currently launching this feature in the iOS beta version. Its testing will be held here for a few days, after which it will be formally released. Following its success in iOS, it will be launched for Android too.

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Ongoing testing on three more features

Apart from Tweet Tech, the company is currently working on three more features for iOS. The first feature in this is the new Tweet Compose Bar. Under this, the company releases a new Compose Bar for iPhone users, which is much easier than before. Another feature of the company that iOS users can get soon is the Topic Tag Bar. In this you are allowed to go straight to your favorite subject of interest. Such a topping is enabled by the tag bar. According to the report, the third feature the company is working on is sharing communities with followers.

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