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This cool feature is included in WhatsApp, know who can take advantage of it

WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp will continue to launch new features for business account users from time to time, other than its regular users. Recently, the company has released such an amazing feature for WhatsApp Business new feature users. This feature of the company works like Google Search and tells you about restaurants and grocery stores around you. This feature can be useful in many ways. Let’s go into detail about this feature.

This is a new feature

According to the report, Meta-owned company WhatsApp has recently launched a feature called Business Directory. Under this feature, business account users will be able to track local restaurants and grocery stores in the app. The feature was first reported in Brazil. Having been successful there, it has now been released everywhere.

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This way it works

In this feature named Business Directory, you can easily find local business. This feature has been launched for both Android and iOS platforms. That is, users of both platforms can take advantage of this. However, you will need to update your existing application for this. You can take advantage of this new feature only after updating the app.

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