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This cool feature has been added to Snapchat, now enjoy photo sharing and chatting

Snapchat Latest Chat Reply Feature: Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in India, social media platform Snapchat also has a large number of users. With this photo and video sharing platform, users continue to receive many new features from time to time. This is a big reason for its continued reputation. The company does not want to give up its success formula. In this issue, Snapchat has brought a special feature for its users. The name of this feature is the chat reply feature. A few more features have been released. Let’s go into detail about all of this.

What is the chat reply feature

Snapchat users have been feeling the need for this feature for a long time. Replying to a personal chat in this app has been very difficult so far. This problem was exacerbated when a group chat was going on. With all this in mind, the company has released the Chat Reply feature. Under this, you can now reply to messages from different people during a group chat. The question of how to use this feature now arises. To use it, you need to touch the chat and hold it for a while. After this you will see the reply option.

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This feature was also launched

In addition to launching the Snapchat chat reply feature, 3 more features have been launched. One of these is the Bitmozi response. With Bitmoji Feedback, you can express your feelings using different Bitmoji in a chat. In addition, the company has also released the Snapchat Poll Stickers feature. The option to call with this has also been improved.

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