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This amazing feature will be added on Instagram soon, the company is testing

Instagram’s new feature: Instagram users have sweet news. Soon you’ll be able to see more and more photos, reels or posts in this app, even those of people you don’t follow. In fact Instagram is working fast on this new feature and soon you will see two new feeds on Instagram. Both feeds come with existing home feeds. According to the report, testing of this feature is underway. It could be started soon. Tell us what this feature is and how it works.

This is going to be a new feature

According to the report, the company has released this feature to some users in test mode. Under this, users will now see three feeds on Instagram instead of the home icon. The first of these is Home, the second is Favorite and the third follows. It is also important for you to understand which of these three feeds will happen.

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1. Home: This is an existing feature of Instagram that you have been looking at for a long time. The content in front of you here is graded on an algorithmic basis. Under this, only those posts will come before you, and what type of post you are interested in.

2. Favorite: In this feed, you take advantage of people’s accounts that you don’t want to lose their content by placing them in favorites. Here you get the option to choose whose account and content you want to view in this feed.

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3. The following: Here you get the option to look at those people’s posts and add the people you want to follow or follow.

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