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These special features will now be available on WhatsApp Web with Mobile App, making the job even easier

WhatsApp New Features: The instant messaging app WhatsApp rules the hearts of users through its features. At the same time, its web version is very useful to users. However, WhatsApp Web does not have many features compared to mobile app version. But now the company is bringing mobile app features on the WhatsApp web. The company may soon add a number of privacy features.

Updated with privacy features
According to WABetaInfo, which monitors WhatsApp’s updates, the company is testing the beta version of WhatsApp Web, which may offer more privacy features than before. According to the report, the company will soon be adding mobile app privacy features such as Lost Scene, Profile Photo, Information about it and read receipts on WhatsApp Web.

Will also get this feature
In addition, WhatsApp can offer the company the ability to manage blocked contacts on the web. This feature is currently under testing. It is difficult to say for how long this feature has been rolled out to users.

This feature will also be launched
According to the report, work on a new feature of voice messages is also underway. With this special feature, users can also pause when recording a voice message. So far you have the ability to record the entire message at once. The company does not currently provide the facility to pause the recording.

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