These changes will be seen on Facebook and Twitter from August, and what the impact will be on users

If you use the tech giant Facebook and microblogging site Twitter, this news is very important to you. In fact, there will be some changes to both platforms by August. Twitter will discontinue its fleet service from next month. In addition, Facebook is going to expand its payment, with the effect also visible to users. Tell us what will change in them.

This feature is turned off
The microblogging site Twitter recently announced that it will close its fleet of services from August 3. Twitter released this special feature during Lockdown last year, but now the company is going to stop it. If we talk about this feature, photos or messages posted on the fleet are available for 24 hours. Twitter introduced it to the market in comparison to WhatsApp Status and Facebook Story. However, Twitter fleets are not as popular as these two.

Facebook will expand its payments
Tech giant Facebook will be expanding its payment system to online retailers next month. The company has introduced its own payment system in the market. Facebook Pay is added to its other products, WhatsApp and Instagram, in addition to Facebook and its Messenger. According to media reports, Facebook Pay is viewed on the company’s site and other platforms.

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