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These BlackBerry phones will be out of the box starting January 4, and if you have one, do it right away

BlackBerry is going to die: If you still have a BlackBerry phone, read this news. Ignoring it can be overwhelming. In fact, BlackBerry will stop supporting many of its classic phones from January 4, 2022. An official announcement has been made by the company. After the support system is turned off, all these phones remain just boxes. In such a situation, it is important that you find the option on time and back up your data. Let us tell you in detail what the whole thing is.

It is also not possible to access the data

BlackBerry or OS BB10 are BlackBerry phones that run on the OS operating system, the company said. These will be completely closed from 4 January 2022. After this, you will not be able to make calls from these phones or access any data. You will not be able to use SMS and emergency services on the phone. It is important to note here that this decision applies only to classic smartphones. Phones running BlackBerry’s Android operating system continue to operate as before.

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What do you do

If you still have this phone, first put all the phone’s data on your computer, laptop or any other smartphone (backup). Also, back up important messages on the phone. In order to avoid any problems with the phone’s sudden shutdown, it is necessary to look for other phones.

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Just as popular as the iPhone

Let us tell you that the popularity of BlackBerry phones was similar to the iPhone 4-5 years ago. The phone is in high demand due to its security and security features. The encryption feature is its biggest plus point, but it has lost its popularity among Android phones.

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