These are the top 6 job based courses after 12

1-Web Design

One of the best computer courses for employment is a web designing course. After this course, there is also good employment opportunities in multinational companies. However, there is a lot of demand for web designers in the market these days. Web Designing Courses The study of coding languages ​​such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML

Course Duration – The duration of the Professional Web Designing Course is 1 year but many short term courses may take 3 to 6 months. After completing the course, you can work independently or join any company.

2- VFX And animation course

VFX and animation is one of the best computer courses for you if you are creative and have a desire to learn computer. However, there is a great demand for animation professionals and artists these days. In fact, there is a lot of demand for animation artists and professionals in the film industry worldwide. The number of animated films has increased in recent times. People like such movies. Graduates from this course can easily find jobs in such film industries, they also get a good salary package.

Course Duration – Short term VFX & Animation Course is of 5 months duration and Diploma in VFX & Animation is 3 years duration.

3- Hardware and Networking Course

There is always demand for hardware and networking courses. These courses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputable institution). After doing this course you can easily get high salary package in IT sector. These courses are offered by large institutions and colleges.

Course Duration & ndash; The duration of this course will vary in each institution.

4- Tally course

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for Tally experts and hence the demand for Tally Courses. This is accounting software, you can learn from any organization and it is also available online. During this course, you will be taught how to manage accounts and accounts. Tally is also one of the best online computer courses. Tally professionals also get a good package. & Nbsp;

5- Diploma in IT

IT Diploma is also the best computer course after 12th year. Although the duration of this course is long, it is very useful and valuable. This course can give you the right direction for your career and after doing this course you will become a Master in Computer.

Duration of the course – The duration of the diploma in IT course is 3 years. & nbsp;

6- Diploma in Computer Science

& nbsp; Duration of the Course – Diploma in Computer Science is 3 years duration.

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