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These 4 amazing features are coming up in Google Pay, making payment easier

GooglePay New Feature: Google is constantly working on improving its payment platform Google Pay. The company is now adding 4 new features to the app. At its annual event, Google for India, the company announced the new features on Thursday. By joining with them, this app is easy to use. Let us know what new features will be added to it.

1. From speech to text: With the introduction of this feature, it will be very easy for you to make payments. Currently, to make a payment, one has to type in their account number, UPI number or other information. But with the advent of this feature, you will be able to feed the account number by talking. You must speak in your chosen language.

2. Bill Breakdown: This new feature is different in itself. Under this, you will be able to send money to multiple contacts at once. It acts as a group payment. In it you can share expenses among your friends. Suppose you have to send 200-200 rupees to 4 friends. In this case, you type a total of Rs 800 in the payment category. After this, in the next option, you will select the name of the 4 people to send it to. After selecting four names, as soon as you enter the PIN, 200-200 rupees will go to these four contacts. The company has recently introduced the group feature. This option will appear in it.

3. Hinglish Language: The company’s intention behind launching this feature is to target more than 350 million people who use Hinglish in colloquial speech in India. This feature will be coming next year though. In this, when you go to make a payment, you will see this option (Jinhe paisa bhejna hi unki details dalene) under this language.

4. My Store: Under this, the company plans to increase its business by adding more and more shoppers. Shoppers will be able to display their store in the Google Pay app here. I mean, he can list his stuff here. Google Pay users will be able to order from here. In addition, the shopkeeper will be able to track his or her transactions in this category.

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