There was no phone for the online class, but it topped the 10th test by 98.6%


The older brother helped in the study
Mandeep Singh of Udaipur in Jammu and Kashmir tops the district in the state board with 98.6% marks. He said "During the lockdown my brother helped me with my study in my village of Amroh despite inadequate power supply and other challenges, I managed to study."& nbsp;

Now NEET wants to clear the test
Mandeep studied at Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology in Jammu and received great help from his older brother, but the result was coronavirus. Returned home due to restrictions. Mandeep says he now wants to clear the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for Medicaid. & Nbsp;


Instead of complaining about the problems, focus on the study
Mandeep said the government has taken many initiatives to promote education in remote areas. He urged the government to support the poor students and help them achieve their dreams. Describing her friends, she complains that she had trouble studying during the lockdown, which is true. However, instead of complaining about the problems, they focused on the study and worked hard.

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