The World Universities Rankings include the three Universities of India, know what they are

The Times World University ranking 2022 has been released. The three universities in India rank among the top 400 universities in the world ranking. The University of Oxford in the UK is ranked number one in the ranking. The second is from the California Institute of Technology. However, India did not get much pleasure from this ranking, and none of India’s 71 universities ranked in the top 300.

The Indian Science Institute, Bangalore (IISC) has performed well on this list and has been in the 301-350 band for the third consecutive year. 1662 universities were added to this year’s list. At the same time, the Indian Institute of Technology has maintained its position in the Roper 351-400 band. At the same time, towards its introduction in the global ranking, the private university of the Mysore JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research is ranked in the 351-400 band.

The Indian Institute of Technology is in the Indore 401-500 band.

These 9 Indian universities are in the top 1000

Nine universities have qualified in the top 1000 of the Times World University ranking. On this list, Alagappa University has been performing brilliantly, for the first time, among the world’s top 600 colleges, and in the 501-600 band. Since then, the International Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (601-800) has entered the top 800. Three universities – Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Weltech University and Symbiosis International University – have entered the 801-1,000 band for the first time.

IIT Companies like Delhi, Bombay and Kharagpur are off the list

Institutions like IIT Delhi, Bombay, Madras and Kharagpur could not make it to the World University ranking list. The Indian Institute of Technology last year decided not to participate in the global ranking due to lack of data variability and transparency. This year too, it has been decided not to include IITs in India.

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