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The Watch Series 8 could be launched next year, with a lot of exclusivity

Apple Update: If you too are a fan of the Apple Watch series, this news is very special to you. In its new watch series, you get such a special feature, which proves to be a milestone for the healthcare industry as well. In fact, Apple recently launched the Watch Series 7. Following this release, speculation about the Watch Series 8 has been heating up. In this new series it is discussed that users get the benefit of monitoring blood sugar levels and blood alcohol levels. Tell us in detail how this system works and other information about it.

This is how the system works

According to a news release on DigitalTime, Apple has teamed up with Asian company Ennostar and TAS to give users special features on its Watch Series 8. Both companies are working on this. Both are operating on a low-frequency infrared LED sensor. The sensor works with a photodiode using a wavelength greater than 1000 nm and measures the blood sugar level of the person wearing the watch. So far, to measure blood sugar, a needle is inserted into the finger and blood is taken and then measured. In such a situation, if these features come with the Watch Series 8, it will be quite a game changer. In fact, it can also be used in other health checks.

It can also be a temperature sensor

According to media reports, the Apple Watch Series 8 may also have temperature sensors. With this, the watch detects fever while working as a thermometer.

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