The UPSC made up the minds of farmers who quit their jobs overseas, thus becoming Shivam Sharma’s IAS

Success Story of IAS Topper Shivam Sharma: There are some such events in the lives of many people which motivate them to go to UPSC. Today we will tell you the story of IAS Shivam Sharma quitting his overseas job to do something for his country. Here he made a plan to do something for farmers during work and for this he chose UPSC. Due to hard work, Shivam Sharma fulfilled his dream of becoming a two-time IAS student in UPSC exam.

Sapna became the first IIT
Shivam Sharma is originally from Agra in Uttar Pradesh. They were very active in the study from the beginning and made the IIT their target in the interim. Due to hard work, she passed the JEE exam and got admission into IIT Kanpur. Shivam Sharma graduated from Engineering. His deployment took place at a company in Japan. He worked in Japan for a while and then returned to India. Here he worked for a few years and then started preparing for UPSC.

The goal has changed after seeing the farmers
Shivam Sharma returned from Japan and joined the large Indian company. During this time, they had the opportunity to take a closer look at the life of the farmers. Seeing his condition, he thought he could do something for farmers by going into the civil service. After that he started preparing for UPSC. He failed on the first attempt, but passed the test on the next attempt. But this time he got the Indian Revenue Service, which he was not satisfied with. Finally, in 2018, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by acquiring the All India Rank 251.

Watch Shivam Sharma’s Interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Shivam’s advice to other candidates
Shivam believes that in order to have success in UPSC, you need to choose your subject matter very carefully. You can earn good points if you choose your favorite subject as an option. Moreover, you should do maximum self study and make notes. After completing the syllabus, revise a lot and practice answer writing.

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