The Telegram Group brings out a video calling feature so multiple members can call together

WhatsApp’s competitive messaging app, Telegram, is now also getting a feature like WhatsApp. App added several new features, including group video calls for more special. Teligramna Android and iOS users can now be converted into a group voice chats, video karegalagi. Not only that, but other features such as noise suppression and tablet support are also offered.

So many members will be able to make video calls
At the same time, Telegram users will now be able to share the screen using the screen share feature. The number of group calling members now is 30, but can be increased later. According to Telegram, after the new feature, users will now be able to convert voice chats in any group into group video calls. For this feature, users need to use the digicam icon.

Use features like this
This new feature of Telegram can be used by Android users in the group profile as an administrator. The group aioesge voice chat button on the right side of the profile are also featured. Some of the features included in the app is still in his telegram. Including features such as animated backgrounds, importing customized third-party stickers, and a separate bot menu.

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