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The SIM stays on your phone but criminals can empty your bank account

How to Secure a Bank Account: We register our mobile number with our bank account so that they can easily do digital transactions when they need to. The biggest role is the mobile SIM card, whose number is registered in your bank account. Whenever you make a transaction, OTP will be sent to you by the concerned bank. Through the same OTP, you will be able to make transactions from your bank account.

Now imagine what happens if someone gets your SIM card. If he wants, he can transfer the entire money of your bank account to anyone. In this way there is a risk that your bank account will be depleted, how to avoid this risk, we are giving some tips here. Many times cyber hackers can find your number and make another SIM of your number. This is called sim cloning. If someone else clones your SIM card, your phone’s network will disappear.

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If you ever think there is no network on your phone, then go to your phone’s settings and search for the network. Also, make sure the network of the concerned telecom operator is present or not. It does not matter if you do not come and if this problem is only for you, it can hurt you.

Some mobile network operators send SMS to alert customers about SIM swap. This means you can take action and prevent this fraud from happening. You should contact your mobile network operator immediately.

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In case of frequent stranger calls on your phone, don’t switch off your phone, don’t answer them. This can be a trick to trick you into turning off or silencing your phone so that you don’t know that your phone’s connection has been damaged.

Register for alerts so that you get an alert if there is any activity in your bank account. Always review your bank statements and online banking transaction history to help you identify any errors.

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