The Live Text feature on the Apple iOS 15 is excellent, here’s how it works

Apple has released iOS 15. This time the company has introduced many new features to its users. Apple users can update iOS 15 by going to their mobile settings. Now non-Apple users can join any meeting on FaceTime. For this, Apple users must open the FaceTime App. Here you get the option to create a link. After clicking on it, you get the option to share. What’s special is that by clicking on this link, Android users can join. In addition, if you talk to Apple users on a regular Facebook FaceTime call, the Portrait Mode option also appears. Things in your background are blurred.

Updated on FaceTime

On the other hand, if you swipe down during a FaceTime call, you will see the option of mic mode. After clicking on it, you will see three options. Standard, Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum. If you turn on Voice Isolation Mode, your voice will only be heard by the person you are talking to, meaning that through this mode, nearby voices will not disturb you for a large amount of time. On the other hand, if you turn on the wide spectrum mode, all voices are heard during the call.

Added live text feature

When iPhone users turn on their camera, they can copy any text. Understand this by example. Suppose something is written on the poster, now you turn on the camera and take it to the poster, then you see an option on the right. You can copy the text of the poster by clicking here. This is the best feature of iOS 15.

Changed the look of the Safari browser

When you go to the Safari browser after updating to iOS 15, you will see the option of the search bar at the bottom instead of the top. If you want to reverse the search bar option, you can change it by going to Settings and clicking on the single tab option. At the same time, within the Safari browser, you can easily switch from one tab to another.

Notification Summary feature

When you go to your iPhone’s notification settings, you’ll now see a summary option specified here. With this help you can set your apps notification time. This means that when you are working and you do not need a notification at that time, you can get a notification by setting the time accordingly.

Do not interrupt Focus has changed the name of the feature

After swiping down, you’ll see the focus feature. Coffee options are provided within the Focus. If you turn on Work Mode you can silence all your notifications.

WhatsApp is going to stop this popular feature, you know what?

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