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The latest version of Monterey MacOS is linked to multiple Apple products at once, know its specialty

The long wait for MacOS fans is over in the last few days. After many tests, Apple has released the latest version of MacOS Monterey for everyone. It is now available for download to all. There are many features in this operating system that are discussed everywhere. Let’s find out what’s special about it.

What’s so special?

Here we will learn about one of the features of Monterey, the latest version of MacOS.

  • This new update gives you the opportunity to connect with more and more Apple products. Its universal control features give you the option to use different devices such as the iPad, MacBook and iMac at the same time. For example, if you create a note or sketch in a keynote presentation on the iPad using the Apple Pencil, it will automatically appear on your Mac device.
  • MacOS Monterey brings airplay to Mac machines. It allows you to play your favorite tunes on your powerful iMac speakers through instant wireless connectivity. You can share content from one of your Apple devices to another Apple device through AirPlay.
  • This update brings special features to people who spend more time on FaceTime. This gives them special audio support in chats.
  • In MacOS Monterey, you get a new option for grid view, in which speakers are able to have separate headlines.
  • New version of voice isolation is provided in MacOS Monterey version. With its help, the background noise is no longer heard during the call.
  • This update also brings with it the SharePlay option, which lets you share a movie or project with your friends at the time of call.
  • This version is also special for those who use Safari. In fact it has been given a good interface.

Download this way

  • The upgrade of this operating system is completely free. You can update it before and after 2015 on iMac, MacBook. In addition, its update will be available for Mac Mini before and after 2014.
  • To upgrade, you must first go to System Preferences. Then click on the Software Update option.
  • In addition, you can check the update by going to Apple’s menu and clicking on this Mac option. If you see an update, click on it to update it to the latest version.

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