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The fake telegram app can clear your account, take these precautions

Telegram Spam Warning: In the last 1 year, the number of telegram users has increased rapidly. At the same time, in view of its increasing use, cybercriminals have now begun to make people their victims through this platform. Recently it was revealed that hackers are hacking your PC and mobile by making a copy of Telegram Messenger App. After this, you are harming yourself by stealing your personal and banking details. Let us tell you in detail what the risk is and how you can be safe.

What is the risk

According to the report, hackers send links to users through various media. After clicking this link, Telegram’s duplicate application is installed. Hackers then transfer Purple Fox malware through this app. These malware also bypasses the anti-virus system. This means that even anti-virus will not succeed in stopping this malware. Research has revealed that in most cases, this fake telegram app is installed on the phone via email or a link on the phishing website.

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Creates a folder on the phone

The report states that the duplicate telegram app accesses the AutoIte (freeware Basic-like scripting language) script that is compiled near the installer. This is called “Telegram Desktop.X”. This is the first stage of the attack. After this, this malware will create a new folder named “TextInputh” on the phone.

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Keep these things in mind

  • Don’t click on an email, message or any unknown link that comes in WhatsApp.
  • Avoid visiting any suspicious website.
  • Avoid downloading the APK app if you want to install the Telegram app.
  • Download the app only from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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