The effect of the new IT rules is visible, WhatsApp has shut down 30 lakh accounts, and Facebook has taken action

Social media giant Facebook has released its compliance report. Between June 16 and July 31, more than 3.33 crore content was processed in 10 categories of violations in India, the company said. Facebook’s photo-sharing platform Instagram processed 28 lakh content in nine categories at the same time. Between June 16 and July 31, we received complaints from 1,504 users on Facebook and 265 on Instagram, the company said.

3 million WhatsApp accounts frozen
The company said it had shut down about 3 million WhatsApp accounts in 46 days. WhatsApp reported in its report that it received 594 complaints during the period, over which the company took action. Most of these accounts have been shut down due to automated or bulk messages.

Steps are being taken for the safety of the users
A Facebook spokesperson said that for many years, the company has consistently invested in technology, people and activities to keep users safe online and to express their views on the platform. In this report, details of the content that have been continuously removed using automated tools and the actions taken on them with user complaints, he said.

46 days report release
“We use artificial intelligence, our community grievances and our team’s review to identify and review content that violates our policies,” the company said in a statement. In accordance with the Information Technology (IT) Rules we have released our second monthly compliance report for a period of 46 days from 16th June to 31st July.

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