The DU Kerala Board provides guidelines for including things in a cut-off calculation

Based on the first cut-off list, admission process for Degree Courses 2021 is taking place at Delhi University (DU). Meanwhile, & nbsp; The University has issued guidelines on the inclusion of Kerala Board and other State Board matters in preparing the cut off list. Previously, the admission of Kerala State Board students was blocked due to confusion in their scorecards. . But the matter was later resolved. Students attending DUUG entrance Official Website & nbsp; More details can be obtained from & nbsp.

DU & Nbsp; Three are recognized in the Kerala State Boards

Delhi University now has three of Kerala State Boards, & nbsp; That means the Kerala Public Examination Board and the Kerala Higher Secondary Education and Vocational Higher Secondary Education Board. The choice of subjects for DU admission 2021 is entirely based on the decision of the committee to decide which subjects of the state boards are the same as those of the CBSE.

DU Access 2021: Additions to Kerala Board and other Board matters

  • Theory and Practical Units, & nbsp; The committee has set guidelines based on curriculum etc.
  • For example, the State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education of Maharashtra is entitled Mathematics and Statistics, & nbsp; It is treated according to CBSE mathematical guidelines, & nbsp; The Basics of Business Mathematics of the Nagaland School Education Board is considered equivalent to Mathematics in CBSE.
  • However, the Bihar School Board of Education has 50 marks in Hindi and English paper in addition to 100 marks in both subjects. The committee said the 50-point paper was not considered for the best calculation of the average of four to apply to DU colleges.
  • Accountancy with Computer Accounting in Kerala is not considered equivalent to CBSE’s business study.
  • The Madhya Pradesh Business Economics Paper is not considered equivalent to CBSE Economics.
  • Moreover, & nbsp; Secretariat practice of the Maharashtra Council & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; CBSE students are not considered equal to teaching Business Studies.

According to reports, & nbsp; Delhi University officials have sent an email to affiliated colleges, requesting approval from the Kerala Board. It is affiliated to the Council of School Education Boards of India. However, & nbsp; The university has yet to issue an official notification or press release. Students are advised to visit the official website for the latest updates on DU Access 2021.

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