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The daughter of a building worker has a rank of 481 in UPSC

UPSC Final Result 2020: Success becomes your slave if hard work is your weapon. Ashwathi S, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has proved this. Despite fewer resources, Ashwathi S was ranked 481st in the UPSC exam. Ashwathi’s father is a building worker, and despite this, many young men do what their daughter does.

Many people who prepare for this test are expensive. It is not known how many test series are included but Ashwathi has no money. She is the daughter of a building worker. Everybody’s goal is to make bread for the evening meal by working out. Despite this, Ashwati never let her dream die. The story of Ashwathi now becomes the inspiration for many poor students who do not have enough resources but they dream of becoming IAS.

UPSC Exam 2020 Result Many such faces came out of the exam, who passed the exam after studying in difficult conditions. One of these names is Ashwati. He is ranked 481st in UPSC exam. Ashwati says I have been dreaming of becoming an IAS for 15 years. It was my dream to become an IAS officer so I thought of attending the exam again to make my dream come true.

Let us tell you that Shubham Kumar topped the exam this year. Awareness Awareness was second and Ankita Jain was third. Candidates can check the merit list at upsc.gov.in. A total of 761 candidates have passed the civil services examination by 2020, including 545 men and 216 women.

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