The company releases a smartphone with a flying camera, clicking photos like a drone

As time passes, so does technology. The camera was considered a big deal on the first phone and followed by the era of selfie cameras. At the same time, technology is much more than this. The drone camera feature is now available on smartphones. Chinese smartphone company Vivo will soon be bringing a flying camera on its phone.

A patent was filed last year
Vivo filed a patent for this smartphone design last year, which means the Vivo phone will have a flying camera. As stated in the patent, this camera separates from the phone’s body and clicks on photos and makes videos while flying like a drone. In appearance this phone is similar to normal smartphones. Only its camera is special.

The camera avoids such collisions
In this detachable camera from Vivo, four propellers are provided in the module, with the help of which the camera flies easily. Other than the phone’s battery, there is a battery. Besides, it also comes with two camera sensors. The flying camera also features two infrared sensors that protect the camera from colliding with anyone while flying.

Gets the follow mode
Vivo uses special technology in its flying camera, which allows users to get a follow-up mode. Some of it may even be given air gestures. However, it is not yet revealed when the phone will launch. Whether it succeeds or not is still unclear. But technology has definitely come to the forefront.

This company can also bring such a phone
Vivo, Oppo, Shiomi, Realme After this flying phone, OnePlus can also launch a smartphone with such technology. Now it remains to be seen how successful this phone of Vivo is and how it works.

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