The CBSE Term 1 test schedule will be released soon, check out the latest details here

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts First Term Examination for students of 10th and 12th standard from November to December. CBSE has released its revised curriculum this year. According to the new curriculum, students are constantly evaluated and a number of projects and activities are conducted for the distribution of fair scores. Classes 10 and 12 are divided into two periods – Period 1 and Period 2 and the exams are conducted at the end of each period.

CBSE Internal Assessment Criteria

  • Students in 10th grade are required to take three periodic exams with practical work, speaking, listening activities, projects and other activities.
  • Students in Class XII are identified on the subject or unit test, practical / project end.
  • All the marks obtained by the students in the internal assessment will be uploaded to the CBSE IT platform. CBSE provides assessment, question bank, teacher training and other facilities to schools to ensure proper implementation of the new scheme.

CBSE Details of the Period 1 Exam

  • The CBSE Term 1 exam will be conducted between November and December 2021 for a period of 4-8 weeks. CBSE will publish exact dates soon.
  • The CBSE Term 1 Question Paper contains multiple choice questions (MCQs) on the subject of Assistance Reasoning.
  • The Period 1 test is conducted over a period of 90 minutes. The exam covers about half of the entire CBSE 2021 syllabus. CBSE shares question papers with its affiliate schools’ Scorecard.
  • Students are given OMR sheets and their responses are scanned and uploaded on the CBSE portal by school authorities.
  • CBSE Term 1 exam scores will be added to the CBSE academic year’s final result.

CBSE Period 2 Exam details

  • The CBSE Term 2 Examination or Year-End Examination will be held at Examination Centers in March-April 2022 as determined by the Board.
  • The Period 2 exam consists of the remaining curriculum, which is 50 percent of the entire syllabus.
  • This paper is 2 hours long and consists of questions in a variety of formats such as case-based questions, situation-based, open ended-short answer type questions and long answer type questions.
  • The CBSE has announced that the Board will conduct a 90-minute Multiple Choice (MCQ) based examination, if the situation is adverse during the 2nd term test.
  • Period 1 and Period 2 marks are added to evaluate the student’s final overall score.

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