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The biggest downside to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp may be the need to sell

Meta in the News: The meta-issues that govern the market of social media platforms are increasing. US agency Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleges meta monopoly. This is why the meta should be sold to Instagram and WhatsApp. After getting the green signal from the court, the FTC will now drag Facebook to court.

This is the case

According to the report, Meta has long been facing anti-trust allegations. It has been claimed in several allegations that Meta is not letting other small companies survive and is creating unilateral governance over the entire market. The company is also accused of not allowing its rival to progress. If someone appears in the race, Facebook will somehow exclude him from the race or merge him. Due to these allegations, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned to the US Parliament several times.

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What is the situation now

The FTC can now drag the meta to court on anti-trust. The FTC says that Meta should sell its two well-known apps. It is important for you to know that the FTC is an independent US government agency and that it protects the interests of consumers. The FTC filed a case of anti-trust violation last year. The FTC’s application was later rejected, but the FTC appealed again. Now in this case, a federal judge has authorized the FTC to take the meta to court.

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