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The Apple Watch Series-8 with these special features can be launched next year

Apple Watch: Good news for fans of the Apple Watch series. According to some media reports, the company is working to provide features such as a blood glucose monitor in the upcoming Watch Series 8. Amidst all this talk, once again its fans are focused on it and awaiting the start of a new series.

What may be the specialty of Watch Series 8

According to a report by Digitimes, two companies named Enostar and Taiwan Asia Semiconductor (TAS) are working on such components, which can be used in many types of biosensing. One of these can measure blood glucose levels.

There were frequent speculations

This is not the first time that speculation has been made about the Apple Watch series. Many such speculations are frequent in media reports. Similar predictions have been made for the Watch Series-7, but no such features have been found. Apple filed a patent in 2018, after which it was speculated that Apple would soon include blood glucose monitoring in its watch series, but that did not prove to be true. No such feature on any watch so far.

What else can be special in Series 8?

According to media reports, the Apple Watch Series 8 may also have temperature sensors. With this, the watch detects fever while working as a thermometer.

There is a lot of craziness due to the different health features.

Apple is constantly innovating in its watch series. People are getting crazier for the same reason. Over the past few years, it has offered features such as heart rate tracking, irregular heart rhythm notification, ECG application and blood oxygen measurement on the watch.

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