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Telegram Features: In the case of these 5 features Telegram offers competition to WhatsApp

Telegram Features: Of course, WhatsApp is the number-1 app for messaging and it is constantly giving users new features, but even then, Telegram is challenging it. The number of telegram users is constantly increasing. Amid its increasing popularity, Telegram is also now offering many amazing features to people. Many such features are very useful for people. Today we will tell you about 5 such features of Telegram which you have not seen on WhatsApp.

1. The option to schedule messages

You won’t find this amazing feature found in Telegram on WhatsApp. Messages can be assigned under this feature. Suppose you want to send a message or file to someone after 2 days, then Telegram will give you this option. You set the message by setting the date and time. The message is sent to the person to whom the message is to be sent. You can edit it after setting this message.

2. Live audio feature

In this app you get a voice based app feature like Clubhouse. In it you can chat with your friends. You can discuss any issue in any group or channel. You don’t get this feature on WhatsApp.

3. Video Screen Sharing

This feature of Telegram is better than WhatsApp. Through this, you can share your device’s screen with anyone during a video call. The benefit of this feature is also available in group video calls.

4. Calendar view

In this you can easily find a specific date message. Moreover, you can easily find out by filtering the media files sent, regardless of the message. You don’t get this feature on WhatsApp.

5. Group management control

Group admins have more features than WhatsApp in Telegram. In this, the administrator gets the preview option. With this, he can easily control the user. When the user clicks the invite link, the administrator approval feature is automatically turned on. After this, the user gets the option of sending the request to the administrator. If the administrator wishes, they can accept or reject that request. Before doing this, he gets the option to view the profile photo, bio and other information of the user who sent the request.

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