Telecom companies will not be able to offer additional benefits to customers, know what TRAI’s instructions are

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Troy) has issued strict instructions to all telecom service providers in India. In these instructions, TRAI stated that they were telecom companies
Do not give users exclusive or additional benefits on behalf of your channel, distributor and retailer, which will affect users porting their mobile numbers to other networks.

Accepting complaints
In fact, TRAI has been getting many complaints from telecom providers about this, then TRAI has taken this decision. In these complaints, some telecommunications companies are said to offer maximum benefits to customers by porting mobile numbers, thereby affecting customers and porting their numbers to other networks. At the same time, following such complaints, TRAI has issued a new guideline and instructed to follow it strictly.

Companies are taking advantage of the facility
Let’s say MNP is a type of facility in which customers have the option of switching to another network in the event of a network failure or call drop, but the telecoms companies are looking at this as an opportunity and attracting customers by transferring it to your network.

The telecom company is responsible
TRAI advises all telecom service providers in its Guidelines to ensure that the regulator is charged only through their channel partners, distributors, retailers or third party apps. Also, responsibility and responsibility for ensuring compliance with the guidelines and regulations rests with the telecom service provider, where the operator name or brand is used to market and sell the product, Troy said.

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