Take these precautions when charging a smartphone, increasing battery life

Smartphone battery tips: If you use a smartphone, you must know how to charge a smartphone. Did you know that charging incorrectly can damage your phone’s battery? Let us tell you the right way to charge today.

Do not charge the smartphone overnight
Many people put their smartphone on while charging and then take it out in the morning. Overcharging can make your device hot, and doing so for too long can damage the battery. So don’t do it.

Do not use a poor quality charger
Many people start charging their smartphone with any charger, which can damage your phone’s battery. Keep in mind that poor quality charger can badly affect battery backup. So always use the original charger.

Do not use the phone while charging
Smartphones should not be used when charging. This will negatively affect your phone’s battery. According to experts, the game should not be played while charging, which can make the phone hotter.

Do not leave the battery fully functional
Many people charge their smartphone at the same time and then use it all day. They use it until the phone is completely down. Doing so reduces the battery life. So instead of charging in full, you can charge your phone several times a day.

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