Surat: Mobile phone addiction kills two, kidnaps father after killing him

The craze of online games on mobile games in India has increased quite rapidly for some time. Its biggest impact is on children. The situation is that you can find every second or third child playing online games on mobile. At the same time, parents often find it difficult for parents to stop playing these games. One such case comes to light from Surat, Gujarat, where a 17-year-old child strangled his father when he refused to play online games.

The mother attributed the second cause of death
In fact, a man named Arjun Arun was living with his wife Dali and a child at Kavans village of Ichapura police station in Surat city. Two days ago, his wife, Arun, was taken to a hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. When Dolly asked Dolly for her husband’s death, she told the doctor what caused her death.

A secret was uncovered in front of the police
After the post mortem examination of Arun’s corpse, it was revealed that Arun’s death was not due to injury but to strangulation. After this shocking revelation, the doctor informed the police about this. When the police were strictly interrogated, the child spilled all the secrets. A 17-year-old teenager told police that his father was constantly interrupting him to play, causing him to get angry and strangle his sleeping father.

A 16-year-old girl has committed suicide
At the same time, another sad case has come to light in Surat, where a 16-year-old girl has been hanged for not being mobile. In fact, family members said that because of mobile, studies were not possible, so family members took the mobile from the girl and did not return it, causing the girl to end up hanging in her room.

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