Such evil thieves are deceiving people by creating a fake website of RTO, this is the way to avoid them

This is how fraud happens < /strong>
Like other scams, RTO scams are now being phished. Your fraudulent spam mail is your personal information. And in the e-mail you are given a link that will take you to such a fake website. This website looks totally official but it’s not. After this, all the money is stolen by asking you to fill out your credit card or debit card details. & Nbsp;

RTO & nbsp;
Avoid such scams in the name because most of the work related to RTOs is being done online nowadays, and the scams associated with it are also online. In this case, always remember to trust only a website with https. A website with https is safer than other websites. The SMS Alert feature should be taken in the payment and password change process, which will alert you if someone tries to change your password or pay with your credit or debit card. Be sure to change your password from time to time. After all, the most important thing is not to share your PIN number or net banking password, credit card details and UPI PIN with anyone. & Nbsp;

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