Stay at home and prepare for the UPSC with the help of the internet, travel by IAS’s Anshuman Raj

IAS Topper Anshuman Raj’s Success Story: Millions of young people in our country use the internet every day. There are also some of these people who use the internet to make their careers. Today, we tell you the story of Anshuman Raj, an IAS officer who lived in the village and prepared the UPSC with the help of the Internet and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS on the fourth attempt. His story is inspiring to millions of youth across the country.

After graduation he started preparing to return to the village
Anshuman Raj, a resident of Buxar district of Bihar, had long ago decided to go into civil service to pass the UPSC exam. For this, he graduated from Kolkata after the interim. After graduation, he decided to return to his village and stay here and start preparing for UPSC. They first prepared the study material according to their syllabus and began working hard after devising the technique.

Do not prepare without planning
Anshuman believes that in order to succeed at UPSC, you have to do your project with the right plan. The UPSC curriculum is so comprehensive that if you prepare without technique and study materials, you will not be able to complete it in many years. They believe that smart work is also necessary, along with hard work. So one has to be prepared with limited books. With this you will also be able to easily revise.

Watch Anshuman Raj’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Anshuman Raj advises others
Anshuman believes that if you want to prepare for UPSC, you can sit at home. It is not necessary that you live in Delhi or any other big city. First, remember the curriculum well and plan accordingly and collect the books. If you’re in trouble, get internet help. They say you can clear the test with rigorous perseverance, maximum revision and answer-writing practice.

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