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Srinath, who worked for Hamali, became an IAS officer, taking advantage of the railway’s facility

Success Story: If we decide to do something in life, then everything is possible. With determination and strong will to achieve any goal, we can achieve everything in life. Today we are talking about an IAS officer who did something extraordinary. Yes IAS officer. Likewise, millions of our country’s youth dream of getting ready for civil service and shining their family name by becoming an IAS officer. In preparation for this test, people spend money on water, but very few people succeed. The IAS officer we are talking about today, his journey starts from the train station. Srinath, who works as a porter at a railway station in Kerala, pulled his dream car from the railway station.

Srinath, a Munnar resident, took Porter to Ernakulam to feed his family. Has worked. They are family —To earn yourself. In 2018, she decided to work hard not to compromise her daughter’s future because of her low income. Soon she was scheduled to appear in the civil services exam. But the financial hurdles haunted them. Srinath knew he couldn’t pay the coaching center fees, but he found a different way to prepare for KPSC without giving up.


– Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) May 9, 2018

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Preparing via smart phone

In this he helped the country make a digital, digital India campaign. Under this campaign, many major railway stations initially had free Wi-Fi service. Taking advantage of it, the then-mercenary and current youth of thousands of people started reading through the ideal IAS smartphone. Free wiWith the help of Phi, Srinath was listening to online lectures while working at the railway station. After passing the KPSC, on the fourth attempt, she passed the UPSC exam."gmail_default"IAS Srinath is an inspiration to millions of students today who feel disappointed after a few failed attempts. Their success story says that no problem will hinder your progress. It is only necessary to have the courage to do something.

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