Smartphones want longevity, never make these mistakes

Smartphone Tips: The smartphone is one of the biggest necessities of today’s life. Most of our work is now completed on the smartphone. This is probably why people spend most of their time on smartphones. Although everyone cares about the smartphone, people who use smartphones make many mistakes. Many smartphone users repeat these mistakes repeatedly, which affects the smartphone. Let’s talk about these mistakes that can ruin any smartphone today.

Do not turn off these features after work is completed

  • Connecting features such as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth on mobile should be turned off after work.
  • This increases battery usage.
  • > Rotating These features also speed up the phone’s processor.

Vibration mode

  • Use Vibration Mode only when necessary.
  • Many people always keep the vibration mode on.
  • Doing so drains the phone’s battery quickly. Battery durability is also low.

Screen On Time

  • The longer the screen is up, the more battery life it consumes.
  • You can reduce the shine to save the phone’s battery.
  • The use of Auto-Brightness mode. It adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the light. This reduces battery usage.

Excessive fees

  • Charge mobile only when needed.
  • Do not charge the mobile when the battery is 50-60 percent.
  • Doing so puts pressure on the battery and increases the chances of the battery being damaged or blasted.
  • Charge the phone only if the battery is 20 percent or less.

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