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Smartphone Tips: If the phone is stolen, don’t worry! Delete the data in this way

Phone Tips: Phone theft and stealing are common in our country. Stealing smartphones from people along the way will make the perpetrators faint. After the theft of a phone, the data in it is more worrisome to us because it includes personal photos, contacts, etc. In such a situation, if you want to delete data from a lost phone, today we are giving you such tips, then you will be able to do this task easily.

The same way
If your phone is a theft, you can delete your smartphone’s data online. This means that even if the phone is away from you, you can delete its data. Let us know how it is possible.

Here is the whole process
To delete data, you first need to open the Internet browser on your computer or other phone.
Here you have to type https://www.google.com/android/find.
Now you need to login with your Gmail ID, which is on the smartphone.
You will see three options of Play Sound, Safe Device and Delete Devices.
To delete phone data from these, you click Delete Device.
After clicking another time, you will need to enter Gmail’s password.
Now you can delete all your data if you have internet on your phone.

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