Smartphone Battery Tips: For these five reasons, the phone’s battery drastically decreases, you should also know

It is common to see the smartphone’s battery deteriorate in 6 months. The battery does not last the entire day even after it is fully charged. Not only that, by the time a year is completed, the battery problem is likely to increase. Now there are many reasons why we ignore or pay no attention to it. But in this report, we are going to tell you five big reasons that will shorten the battery life of your smartphone. Let’s find out.

Avoid charging too much
Avoid repeatedly charging your mobile phone, and usually people start charging the phone even after 40 to 50 percent battery. Charge the phone only when the battery is up to 20 percent and never charge the phone to 100 percent, only charge 90 percent, doing this will increase the battery life.

Glow is also a reason
Usually people keep the brightness of their smartphone full, which causes the phone’s battery to drain quickly. If you want the phone’s battery to last longer, you need to turn it on or off in auto mode. This does not drain the battery very quickly.

Multiple Tabs
Often we forget to open and close many tabs on our smart phones in the browser. In this case, the tabs are open in the background, battery life increases and the battery drains quickly. If you want to extend the battery life, close these tabs after use.

Vibrate mode is dangerous
People who always put their mobile phones in vibrate mode, their phone battery drains quickly. Not only that, it is hazardous to health and battery life. If vibration occurs while touching the phone or pressing any button, it should be turned off, damaging the battery’s health.

Fake charger
Always charge the phone with its own charger. Charging your phone with someone else’s phone charger can harm your phone. Not only that, the use of a fake charger can also prove dangerous.

Always turn on the data
Keeping mobile phone data at all times increases battery usage because with Auto Sync turned on, the email folder on the phone is always updated, which increases battery life.

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