Shweta Chauhan, who prepared the UPSC with limited books and had three successive successes

Success Story by IAS Topper Shweta Chauhan: Every year millions of people try their luck at UPSC. Some of them will succeed on the first try, but many will have to fight here for a long time. Today we tell you the story of IAS officer Shweta Chauhan, who passed the UPSC exam three times in a row. What’s special is that they got good rank every time. His technique was very simple and he achieved this position because of his hard work.

Fix every time
Shweta got her first UPSC exam in 2013, of which her rank came to 575. Shweta had always dreamed of becoming an IAS, so she decided to give it another try. However, he did about 1 year extra study for the second attempt and, after strengthening his preparation, appeared in the exam again in 2015. This time, Shweta got an all-India rank of 474. Despite success this time, they did not get the IAS service. Shweta corrected her shortcomings and fulfilled her dream of achieving the All India Rank 8 in 2016.

What is his strategy
Everybody tries to find out what strategy Shweta adopted, which is why they have to pass a tough test like UPSC three times in a row. According to Shweta, she first read and understood the UPSC syllabus very deeply. Then clear your basics from NCERT books. Shweta then chose a limited number of books and worked hard to make a better schedule than them. He prepared some things with the help of the internet. Overall, after doing all this, he practiced more and more revision and answer writing.

Watch Shweta Chauhan’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Shweta advises others
Shweta Chauhan, a specialist in the UPSC, said that even average students can work hard and clear the exam. He says there are many misconceptions about this test. In such a situation, set your goal first and strive in that direction with the right strategy. After reading NCERT books from 6th to 12th grade, it is better if you make from standard books. If you prepare for UPSC by staying positive you will definitely have success.

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