Shock to Apple before iPhone 13 release 82% of users are not interested in buying

The wait for the Apple iPhone 13 series is about to end. The series will begin on September 14. At the same time, there is bad news before the company starts. In fact, a survey revealed that there is not much craziness among users regarding the iPhone 13 series. There are many reasons for this but the biggest reason is the lack of an Insplay Fingerprint sensor. Tell us in detail about it.

Over 5000 people were surveyed
In a survey by Cell Cell, nearly five thousand Android users over the age of 18 were asked about it, with 82 percent of them not showing much interest in the iPhone 13. In this survey, only 18 percent expressed their desire to buy an iPhone 13. On the other hand, if we talk about last year, in 2020, 33 percent of Android users wanted to buy an iPhone 12.

This is the main reason
In this survey, 32 percent of Android users said the company was not offering an in-display fingerprint reader for the iPhone 13, because the users were less interested in the iPhone 13, and because the users were not eager to buy it. Although the company has previously talked about offering this feature, it is now known that the company does not offer such a feature.

So will the price
Talking about the iPhone 13 price, Apple releases it at a lower price. According to reports, the price of the upcoming series will be lower than the iPhone 12. The 4GB RAM variants of the iPhone 13 are up to $ 973, which is around Rs 71,512, which is less than the Rs 3,000 price tag of the iPhone 12. In addition, you can buy the 128GB model iPhone 13 for $ 1051, for about Rs 77,254. Similarly, the price of the 256GB variant could be $ 1174 which is Rs 86,285.

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