Shiomi left Samsung and Apple in terms of sales, know how much it earned

The reign of Chinese smartphone companies remains in India. Evidence for this is that in the quarter of this year, 79 percent of the Indian market is occupied by Chinese mobile companies. That is, only eight of the country’s 10 mobile phones were purchased by Chinese companies. According to a recent report by Counterpoint, Shyomi is India’s first mobile company. The company’s market share stands at 17.7%. South Korean company Samsung is in second place. Tell us what company’s market share is.

The market share of these companies was very high
If we talk about statistics, the Chinese company Shiomi’s market share is 28.4%. At the same time, Samsung’s market share was 17.7%. Moreover, Vivo’s market share was 15.1 per cent. RealMess was at 14.6 per cent, and when talking about Oppo it was at 10.4 per cent.

It won the 5G smartphone segment
If we talk about 5G smartphones, India has rapidly increased its market share. Its market share was 14 per cent. Reality has won this division. The reality market share in the 5G segment was up to 23 per cent. OnePlus has since made a spot.

Who’s ahead in what category?
According to a Counterpoint report, Vivo has set a mark on smartphones priced between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000. In addition, Samsung mobile phones are purchased for Rs 20 to Rs 30,000. OnePlus phones sell over 30 thousand mobiles.

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