She lost her parents and gained 99 percent points, inspired by her younger brother

It is said that there is a way in which there is a will. When the parents of Vanisha Pathak of Bhopal were not in Korona, people sympathized with her and wondered if she could give her a tenth test. But Vanisha has just passed the test and topped the city with the highest score.

Vanisha, who scored 99.8 per cent in CBSE Class 10 exams, is a city topper with two other children. Vanisha has secured 100 marks in the CBSE Class 10 exams in English, Sanskrit, Science and Social Science and 97 in Mathematics.

Parents are not together to share happy moments
This is an incredible achievement for any student, but probably not for a 16-year-old girl who lost her parents in Corona two months ago. Vanisha has fulfilled her promise to her parents but she is not with her today to share this happy moment.

Who would have expected that Vanisha, who lost her parents two months ago, would become the city’s topper. She says she struggled after seeing her younger brother. Vanisha said, ‘The memory of my parents has clearly inspired me and will continue to inspire me throughout my life. But that brother is now a great source of inspiration. My younger brother looks at him and thinks he only has me. He had to give me an example. He should look at me and say Didi should.

The last wish of parents is to be fulfilled
Vanisha’s father Jitendra Kumar Pathak was a financial advisor and her mother Dr Seema Pathak was a teacher at a government school. Vanisha was last seen going to the hospital. Vanisha’s mother died in hospital on May 4 and her father died on May 15. Now their last wish is to be fulfilled. Vivan’s brother Vivan says, ‘I only have to bring 100 more than Dee. I like cricket very much.’

Vanisha Bhai lives with her maternal uncle Dr Ashok Kumar, who is a professor at Government MVM College, Bhopal. Mama Dr Ashok Kumar says Vanisha is a fighter. Vanisha’s achievement was special because her friends were preparing for the test and she was feeling the pain and pain of losing her parents.

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