Schools are sending their children in the midst of the corona epidemic, so keep these things in mind

These things should be taken care of before parents are sent to school

  1. Regularly check your child’s temperature, if you are sending them to school, explain to them the importance of wearing a mask and tell them not to remove the mask.
  2. If a child is sick, do not send him to school.
  3. Tell your children social distance or social distance and explain to them why it is important to follow.
  4. Teach children to remove the mask only when no one is 6 feet away.
  5. Teach children that if they touch something, wash their hands frequently or go to the school washroom and wash their hands.
  6. Explain to him that if a child goes on a school bus, he must also maintain a social gap on the school bus.
  7. Students should take their breakfast and lunch to school. Students love to share their tiffin, but now they explain that they do not share their food, even if they do, they have to maintain a social gap at that time.

Schools need to take many steps to keep track of students’ health.

Schools should have sanitizer dispensers.

Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of classrooms and toilets in schools.

A complete vaccination for teaching and non-teaching staff of schools.

Students must sit in classes with a social gap.

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