School reopening: From now on schools in many states of the country, checklist

School Resume Update: After months of closure due to the corona epidemic, today, schools are once again seeing activity in many states. In fact, in view of the decrease in the number of Covid cases, schools are now being opened in all states in physical mode. At this time, state governments have issued strict instructions to schools to comply with the Kovid-19 guidelines. Here’s what schools are opening today.

Tamil Nadu

9th to 12th grade schools are opening in Tamil Nadu with 50 per cent capacity. The government has issued an SOP to reopen schools, which means schools operate six days a week and classes and sections are divided into batches of up to 20 students who sit in a room, the SOP said. No additional rooms are available in schools, students will be called on alternate days. With this, the state government has stated that the presence of students in schools is not compulsory. In addition to offline classes, the selection of online classes continues.


Schools will be open to students from 9th to 12th grade in the national capital, Delhi from September 1. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has issued guidelines on opening of compulsory schools. Under this, thermal screening is mandatory in addition to masks and social distance in schools. The lunch break will be in the open space. In the classrooms, students are left with a seat. In addition, the government says students, teachers and other employees living in Kovid’s containment zones will not be allowed to come to school and college. The government has said that online classes will continue in addition to offline classes.


Schools, Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes will be open from 9th to 12th standard in Rajasthan from 1st September to today. The duration of the classes is held and 50 percent of the students are allowed to attend classes each session. Currently, the government has not made any announcement about when schools will open for smaller classes.

Uttar Pradesh

In UP, schools have been opened for primary classes (1st to 5th grade) from today. Previously, schools from 9th to 12th were opened in the state. At this time, it is mandatory for schools to follow the Kovid-19 protocol. In addition, schools are said to be closed again if Kovid’s situation worsens. In UP from today Children also go to study in madrassa. The Basic Education Council has created a team to oversee. Sanitation and sanitation work is done in schools every day. In addition to education, instructions have been given to give full attention to child safety. It should be noted that the attendance of students in schools is not compulsory.

Madhya Pradesh

Schools from 6th to 12th are being opened in Madhya Pradesh. Previously, the government had allowed 9th to 12th grade students to attend schools. It is mandatory for students to obtain written permission from their parents to attend school, and the school board and parents must ensure compliance with the Kovid-19 protocol.


6th to 12th grade schools and other higher education institutions in Tripura State have been reopened since September 1. Depending on the space available in the classroom, all schools will need to work in one or two classes.


The schools in Telangana state are resuming from September 1. Classes are starting in physical form at all educational institutions, including schools and colleges and training centers.

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