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Scholarship Programs 2021: 6 tribal students from Jharkhand receive scholarships to study in the UK

The Jharkhand government is promoting tribal students for higher education. For this, students are being offered scholarships through which tribal students receive higher education abroad. This year too, the government has selected 6 tribal students for the ‘Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda Scholarship Scheme’. These students study in foreign universities in various subjects and all their expenses are borne by the government.

Scholarship winner Dinesh Bhagat will pursue a master’s degree from the University of Sussex

Dinesh Bhagat, one of the students selected for the scholarship, is very excited about his master’s degree in climate change from the University of Sussex. The 31-year-old geology graduate says he wants to “improve the lives of people living in mining areas” from an agricultural background and find ways to minimize the detrimental effects of mining in Jharkhand after earning their degree.

Notably, Dinesh Bhagat is one of six tribal students selected by the Jharkhand government for the Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda Scholarship Scheme. The aim of this scholarship scheme is to empower ST students to pursue higher education at universities in the UK and Ireland. “You deserve it.”

Under the plan every year ST 10 students were selected in the classroom

In a press release from the chief minister’s office, he said, “Under this scheme, 10 students from Scheduled Tribes living in Jharkhand are selected each year.

From his home in Gumla district, Bhagat said, “I was applying for other scholarships, but the Jharkhand government came without any problems. My state has helped me in my studies, and I will definitely give back my state.”

Selected for the scholarship, Anjana studies from the University of Warwick

One of the students selected for the Anjana Pratima Dungdung Scholarship, she studies international relations from the University of Warwick.

These students were also selected

Other students selected for the scholarship include Hercules Singh Munda, who is pursuing a master’s degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. At the same time, Ajitesh Murmu is studying architecture at University College London. Aspiration Mary has been selected for MSc in Climate Change Science and Management at Loughborough University. Priya Murmu has been selected to study the creative writing and writing industry at Loughborough University.

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