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Samsung launches a 110-inch TV, which can watch up to four programs simultaneously

Samsung QD-OLED TV Features: Samsung Electronics has unveiled its Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV series ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. With better image and sound quality than before, there are more screen size options available. Micro-LED, in 110-inch, 101-inch and 89-inch sizes, delivers best-in-class image quality to 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs, providing a better experience of individual light and color. Along with the updated interface, the range of screens for 2022 brings the ‘screens wherever they are, screens to everyone’ view.

Samsung Neo with QLED, Neo Quantum Processor and Dynamic Sound Experience

Equipped with Neo Quantum Processor, Picture Technology and Sound, the 2022 Neo QLED offers some immersive images and immersive soundscapes so far. In fact, this year’s Neo Quantum processor features updated contrast mapping with the BLU (back-light unit), thus increasing the brightness level from 12 to 14-bit for greater control of the light source. This allows the TV to control its light at 16,384 levels, four times more than the previous 4,096 levels.

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Samsung Micro LED

Samsung’s Micro LED range delivers high quality image quality to 25 million micrometer LEDs, producing individual light and color, thus creating incredible image with impressive depth, spectacular color and high level contrast. Creates an immersive experience. “At CES 2022, Samsung will unveil micro LEDs in three different sizes – 110-inch, 101-inch and 89-inch,” the company said in a statement.

Art Mode Allows any room to be turned into an art gallery where users can select and display their favorite artwork or digital photography. 2022 Micro LED comes with two exclusive media pieces by renowned artist and designer Rafik Anadol.

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Dolby Atmos The 2022 Micro LED range delivers a premium immersive audio experience with engaging, multi-dimensional sound with top, side and bottom channel speakers.

Multiple view Allows users to simultaneously view content from four different sources – in any 4K resolution up to 120fps – from any or all four HDMI ports.

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